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the way you look matters

the look of your organisation

matters too

socha design is a creative studio and a social enterprise (not-for-profit) that helps other social enterprises, as well as charities and local councils to make a good first impression, improving their visibility and recognisability.

We specialise in brand identity, visual communication, strategy, consultancy, online presence and SEO.

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Learn how well crafted brand identity and visual communication can help your organisation get to where it wants to be.

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Brand identity + visual communication

Brand identity is the look and the feel of your brand. Its elements trigger a connection with people’s values and recall a memory based on a previous interaction. (read more)

strategy + consultancy

Strategic positioning is an essential tool to help your organisation to position itself in the minds of customers/beneficiaries. (read more)

Online presence + SEO

Online presence is the existence of a person, organisation or business that can be found via a web search engine. (read more)

involved in socha design

Could you be involved? Do you have skills and experience in brand identity, visual communication, strategy, consultancy, online presence, SEO or anything else that is well plugged into socha design’s services and ethics? Get in touch. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Hi, I am Jozef, a trained graphic designer with interests in communication, arts and culture, psychology, sociology, philosophy and the welfare of our society, including the environment we live in. (read more)

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All around. socha design is involved with other people and organisations – everyone who interacts with socha design shapes its work. Family, friends, neighbours, clients, external professionals even nature we often walk through. All around influences the socha design’s journey. Be a part of it. 

socha design would love to hear about your project